MMA Fight Ends In Just Seven Seconds After Dude Takes A Devastating Kick To The Groin

by 9 months ago

Holy hell, that was tough to watch.

The name of the man whose balls just popped is Myung Hyun-Man, a South Korean MMA fighter who was taking on 22-year-old Aorigele in the main event of Road FC 39. The match ended in the blink of an eye after Aorigele delivered an excruciating blow to Myung’s nads, leaving him writhing in pain for several minutes as a team of doctors rushed to his aid. The fighter was in so much pain that the doctors threw a blue sheet over him while they examined the injury.

The fight was ruled a no contest and there has been no update on Myung’s condition or the condition of his future children.

This raises an interesting hypothetical–would you rather get kicked in the nuts like my man Myung here or go one round with Mike Tyson in his prime? The root of the question answers whether you prefer your brains or your balls. In the end, there are no winners.


[h/t Bleacher Report]

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