MMA Fighter Knocks Out His Opponent While Lying On His Back In Insane KO Of The Year Bid

2017 has been a helluva year for flamboyant knockouts. There have been a plethora of Knockout of the Year bids–including this 360-degree kamikaze style kick. Or the kick Dana White called ‘the most vicious knockout you’ll ever see.’ Or possibly the dude who was so disoriented after a vicious knockout, that he put the referee in a chokehold.

Well, my friends, we may have a new frontrunner, thanks to Hossam Quashua in Kuwait’s Wawan Fighting Championship. Quashua looked to be in a pretty precarious position, ass down on the mat while his opponent stood above him contemplating the most effective move to finish Quashua off.

That’s when Quashua unleashed a brutal kick while laying on his back that sent his opponent falling face down on the mat, lights out, ending the match.

A true rags to riches tale. For one guy.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]