Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

by 5 years ago

One drink for each

  • First down

  • Punt

  • Replay

  • Commercial break

  • Promotion for upcoming ESPN program

  • Flashback to last Monday

  • Mention of the injured Michael Vick
  • Time Andy Reid looks flummoxed
  • Time Nick Foles looks overmatched
  • Time Cam Newton’s amazing rookie year is referenced
  • Panthers rush of more than five yards
  • Mention of the Eagles’ coaching jumble

Two drinks for each

  • Turnover
  • Steve Smith reception
  • Foles completion
  • Bad call
  • Time Greg Olsen’s personal life is outlined
  • Time you hear the name Juan Castillo
  • Overhead shot of the stadium
  • Mention of Reid’s late son
  • Time the playoff picture is discussed

Three drinks for each

  • Challenge

  • Touchdown

  • Field goal

  • Tackle for a loss – this one’s sneaky bad
  • Time Newton’s place among current quarterbacks is dissected
  • Play over 20 yards
  • Anyone on your Facebook feed details the game’s fantasy football implications

  • Time Jon Gruden refers to someone as “this guy”

Finish your drink if

  • The Eagles take a lead
  • Someone scores a special-teams touchdown
  • Either quarterback throws for over 200 yards
  • Any team opens up a 14-point lead

Expert's pick: Carolina 28, Philadelphia 22
Pass-Out Percentage: 76 percent

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