The 4 Most Alpha Chest Exercises You Can Do



You probably don’t need scientific research to accurately conclude that chest day is the least skipped day in the gym. The vast majority of people usually put chest day at the beginning of their week and, unlike legs and back, most chest exercises force you to lay down. It’s really the perfect way to ease into the lifting week. No need to be a hero and do legs on a Monday after you were barely able to keep your eyes open at work. That’s unsafe.

So what chest exercises are you doing when you hit the gym? Bench? ‘shups? Decline dumbbell flys? Dom Mazzetti thinks he knows exactly what your chest regimen consists of…at least if you’re an alpha male. And shit, he might be right too.

As you heard in the video, our friend Dom has started his own supplement line. He’s not pushing out a designer protein powder with complimentary Blender Bottles, but he’s got a pre-workout called Gnar Pump and AK-57, a thermodynamic metabolic activator (AKA a fat burner). Check them out here.