These Are The Most Alpha Shoulder Exercises, According To Internet Heartthrob Dom Mazzetti

by 2 years ago

Our team of fitness writers, who are also certified personal trainers, have produced numerous posts about building shoulders that are, for lack of wanting to find a better phase, ALPHA AS FUCK. From 5 Tips To Make Your Delts Look Like Fucking Cannonballs to The 7 Best Shoulder Exercises To Turn Those Pebbles In To Mother F’n BOULDERS to even a post about working rear delts — a body part which Dom Mazzetti wholeheartedly feels should be completely ignored — we’ve covered quite a bit. But we certainly haven’t covered them with the gusto or bluster that Dom Mazzetti has today. So please enjoy his Scoville Scale-busting take on the most Alpha Shoulder Exercises.

Oh, and not get all braggadocious or anything, but props to me on that screenshot at the top.

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