Check Out this Motorcycle Stunt and Drift Video by Jorian Ponomareff

by 9 years ago

Meet French motorcycle stunt rider Jorian Ponomareff. He's pretty darn good at riding a sportbike. He's not only amazing at riding a bike, but he also makes astounding stunt videos. For example his latest video, “Drift,” which you see above, was uploaded on November 11th and it already has 1,235,085 views.

Jorian Ponomareff described himself on his website as follows: “Nowadays recognized all over the world for his sport capacities and his videos which have been viewed million times, he is a real competitor. You can cross him all over the world giving shows in New York, India, Indonesia, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Malaysia, Morocco, California, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Maurice Island, …in short, a real Globe Trotter.”

I do love the Ponomareff's extended stare back at the girl's ass. I've done the exact same thing, but in my Prius, going 32 M.P.H.