Your Last Chance To Get PAID This Football Season Is Here And MYBookie Is Your Best Bet

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This Sunday, two of the 32 fanbases will watch their teams battle on football’s biggest stage for the game’s most coveted prize. Meanwhile, the majority of the nation will tune in but will be haunted with thoughts like “Shoulda played Romo” or “If Derek Carr were healthy…” or “I’m too drunk to taste Tina’s taco dip.”

Point is, the big game can only be truly appreciated if there’s a possibility of your quarterback being showered with confetti or, God willing, a halftime show wardrobe malfunction. Otherwise, you’re just watching someone else’s dreams come true with a Pitbull concert in the middle. In that case, you need more than alcohol to make it watchable. You need to sweeten the pot with MYBookie.

MYBookie, as many of you are already aware, is the industry’s leading online sports betting site. It earned the crown by providing users with the fastest payouts in the biz (all payouts processed within 48 hours), allowing live betting (so you place bets after kickoff), and rewarding returning customers with loyalty points that can be used to earn free bets and kickass rewards.

This is your very last chance to fatten your wallet during this NFL season and for some fanbases (i.e. Cleveland, Jacksonville) winning some cash on Sunday’s game may be a small victory for watching a dumpster fire every Sunday for 16 weeks.

Not to mention but totally mentioning, MYBookie is offering some pretty enticing deals:

  • 50% sign-up BONUS for all new players, up to $3,000 using PROMO CODE: BROBIBLE

Or, for those of you smart bros who have already signed up, you shall be rewarded.

  • 30% reload BONUS, up to $500 using PROMO CODE: BRO30

Below I’ve listed the spread and point totals from the MYBookie website.

Patriots (-3) vs. Falcons (Total 59) — Sunday, February 5, 6:30 PM EST

Happy betting, bros!


P.S. I have no confirmation that Pitbull is performing during the halftime show, but I’m making an educated guess based on the fact that he weasels his way into every big event. The dude is like Santa, relevant one day a year and if you listen to his music for more than a month, you’ll go clinically insane. 

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