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Bros, it’s mid-March and you know what that means! Yep, it’s time to puff your chest out and pretend your bracket is mint even though you everever even heard of California State Bakersfield, never mind one player on it’s basketball team. As men, we don’t gamble outrageous sums of money on things because they’re sound investments, we do it for the thrill of the unknown.

So even if you’ve been following college basketball this year as closely as Chris Brown follows the terms and conditions of his probation, you’re required, by bro code, to enter into the madness. The brackets are out, but waiting an entire month for a national champion to emerge is a drag. RENT IS DUE BEFORE THEN. Good thing our bros over at, provide live game-to-game betting that will make even the most trivial of games entertaining, and potentially lucrative.

MYBookie, as many of you are already aware, is the industry’s leading online sports betting site. It earned the crown by providing users with the fastest payouts in the biz (all payouts processed within 48 hours), allowing live betting (so you place bets after tipoff), and rewarding returning customers with loyalty points that can be used to earn free bets and kickass rewards.

And if you ain’t yet convinced, MYBookie is offering some pretty dope deals to aid your decision:

  • 50% sign-up BONUS for all new players, up to $3,000 using PROMO CODE: BROBIBLE 

Now that you have that information, lets get down to the brass tacks. Picking all high seeds to conquer the lower ones will differentiate your bracket about as much as it would wearing a fedora at a Chris Daughtry concert. In order to make money, you need to zig when others zag. And to do that, you need a cursory education.

I’ve put more research into this year’s tournament than I did my entire senior thesis, so for those who aren’t as educated, please allow me to give you a Sparknotes version of my findings. Sleeper picks have the potential to be the most lucrative, so lets focus on them. Here are three squads that can sneaky make a splash in the tourney.


Never discount a hot team. The Cyclones have won nine of their last ten games, including a February 4th road win against Kansas (a National Championship favorite) that ended  the Jayhawks’ 51-game win streak at Allen Fieldhouse. Iowa State’s also has arguably the best true point guard in the nation in Monte Morris, who will be extra motivated after being snubbed from the Cousy Award finalist list.


A 30-4 Wichita State team was handed an insulting 10 SEED. Many experts believe that the Shockers are the most disrespected team in college basketball after they ended their year on a 15-game win tear and were 12th in the nation in offensive efficiency–ahead of giants like Kentucky, Arizona, and Oregon. While Wichita State’s strength of schedule may be a reason for a dogshit seed, they’ll sure be hungry to prove themselves against the country’s elite squads.


Saint Mary’s won’t necessarily kill you with athleticism, but could wear teams down with patience, execution and a deadly three-ball. SMU has a dazzling 28-4 record, and would be 31-1 if it weren’t for a number 1 Gonzaga team that bested them three times this season. This team is mentally tough and grinds like hell, two qualities that are lethal in March.

There you have it bros. If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, you have a distinctive advantage over the rest of the field. I think. Knowledge is power. Don’t piss it away.


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