MYBookie Is Offering An Insane Deal For New Players And They Pay Faster Than A Cleveland Browns QB Change

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Hey bro. I take it you’re here because you love money or you hate your boss or you’re just looking for a lucrative side hustle. Welcome to the club.

I’m feeling generous today so I’m going to introduce you to a online sportsbook that has helped fund a few of my reckless bar nights. It’s called MYBookie and it has quickly established itself as the industry’s leading online sports betting site. There are a few key differentiators that separate MYBookie from its competitors. Just look at the wonders it’s done for my life.

First and foremost, I think it’s pertinent information to tell you that MYBookie offers one of the highest bonuses in the industry with a generous welcome bonus of 50%, up to $3,000. I’m no math major, but 50% is somewhere around half, and I for one, am not opposed to free money. Returning customers can cash in on loyalty points and earn free bets and dope rewards just for wagering with MYBookie. Again, free means no money.

For those bros living hand-to-mouth, speed of pay is essential. MYBookie has the fastest payouts in the business. My grandmother’s birthday savings bonds have appreciated faster than the payments I’ve received from other sites, and this can get frustrating especially when, ya know, rent’s due. I swear to Tim Tebow, with some of these sites I’ve had a better customer service experience with Time Warner Cable. With MYBookie, All payouts are processed within 48 hours and in the time it takes for Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw another interception, you’ll have your money in hand, ready to make it rain at your local Chili’s.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m a procrastinator. The best part about waiting until the last minute is that it only takes a minute, but on more than one occasion I’ve found myself watching a game like the Jags/Titans with nothing on the line because I was late setting my lineup for the week. You can imagine the misery. But, Procrastinators rejoice! MYBookie allows live betting so you can get your action in after kickoff, even after the Browns have given up a first quarter double-digit lead.

But let’s be honest, the most important aspect of sports betting is the odds. The last thing any of us want to do is throw our money into something with zero return (See: Redskins and RGIII). MYBookie offers great odds on every football game and if you’re still a little weary, put it in perspective: they’re much higher than the odds of you scoring at a bar with those JNCO jean shorts, bruh. No offense.

So there it is bros. The secret is out. I understand the choice is yours and the old saying remains: You can lead a bro to the bar, but you can’t make him drink. But if you decide to give MYBookie a shot, use the PROMO CODE: BroBible to cash in on that 50% welcome bonus (you can do it on your phone too, site is mobile-friendly). For those who sign up, the first round at Chili’s is on me. I’ll pick up the southwest egg rolls too.  Don’t say I’ve never done nothin’ for ya.

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