NBA Over/Under Predictions: Western Conference

by 7 years ago

Minnesota T-Wolves: 23.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (-120)

An over/under of 20 games would be a bit high. They traded away their best player for diddly poo. They signed Darko to big cash. Neither point guard is named Ricky Rubio. That Kahn really knows his shit, eh?

Oklahoma City Thunder: 51.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (-135)

The most exciting team in the NBA is ready to take a leap as their two best players lead the charge. It’s Kevin Durant’s world and we’re just living in it.  

Portland Blazers: 52 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (-105)

Portland has missed their window of opportunity. Two years ago, they were the up-and-coming Western Conference team, but they never made the leap. Now the Blazers are nothing more than a bunch of guys who tend to get injured and a #1 overall pick who sends pictures of his wang to girls who haven’t yet met Brett Favre.

Utah Jazz: 49.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (+105)

The Jazz were rather frisky last year and they just got better with the addition of Al Jefferson. They probably could use a better shooting guard, but at least you know Jerry Sloan can couch up his guys to paly hard every night and get above that fifty win plateau. They’re the team in the West that no one is talking about.


Golden State Warriors: 34 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (-145)

The Bay Area boys are better off with a normal coaching style, which will occur in the post–Don Nelson era, and maybe some of their young front-court players will progress in the conventional system. The pieces might come together with three fantasy players in the top 25, but where's the defense coming from?  

Los Angeles Clippers: 36.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (-110)

Blake Griffin has been dominating the preseason. He’s an intense fella to begin with, but now he’s looking to make up for a lost season. The squad doesn’t look so bad when you throw him on the floor with BDiddy, USA World Championship stud Eric Gordon, and Kaman.  

Los Angeles Lakers: 56.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (-115)

Kobe has the Jordan gene in him, unlike Prince James in Miami. He’s just as motivated as LeBron is supposed to be now that no one is talking about the Lakers. Now all we have to do is have an NBA Finals that lives up to the hype like last year.

Phoenix Suns: 41.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (-120)

Remember when the Suns had Nash, Stoudemire, Marion, and Joe Johnson? That’s not exactly Nash, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Hakim Warrick. But hey, they threw $30 million at Channing Frye. That’s gotta mean something. Or not…  

Sacramento Kings: 27.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (-110)

The situation in Sacramento is a long ways away from where it was 10 years ago. Still, there’s a lot of room for these boys to improve. Maybe I’m wrapped up in their fantasy team capabilities, but there are some guys who can really ball on this team. I see them as Memphis West, which should be good for at least 30 wins.  


Dallas Mavericks: 49.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (EVEN)

These guys just aren't moving in the right direction. Their stars are getting older, while the rest of their conference seems to be getting better. It's gonna be tough for them to crack 50 wins with teams like Oklahoma City, Utah, Houston, and even San Antonio moving in a positive direction.

Houston Rockets: 48.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (+110)

It's not a good sign when the Sports Guy doesn't back his buddy Darryl Morey, but there's a lot of potential in this Rockets group. The players involved don't seem to have the egos to cause a riot and we know they got the right guy to coach 'em up. Yao's limitation to 24 minutes is the only thing keeping them from winning the division.

Memphis Grizzlies: 38.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Under (-105)

If all these teams are rising in the West, someone has to fall, right? The Grizzlies have a nice team for a pickup game, but I’m not sure they have the right players for NBA greatness. Besides, isn’t Zach Randolph due for one of his typical off-the-court issues by now?

New Orleans Hornets: 41.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (+125)

There are few players that are more important to their team than Chris Paul. He only played 45 games last year and the team won 37 games. He alone is worth another 10 games in those extra 37 he’s going to play in.

San Antonio Spurs: 50.5 games
Mr. T’s Pick: Over (-105)

While the best days of Tim Duncan are behind him, this Spurs team should have one more run left in them. Ginobili is due for a big year and Duncan finally has quality reinforcements alongside him with Blair and Splitter. If only Richard Jefferson could get his shit together, these guys would really have something going. Best Bets: Dallas, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Oklahoma City,


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