11 NCAA Basketball Coaches Who Look Like 1980s Movie and TV Characters

by 9 years ago

A couple of days ago our friends at Bleacher Report put together a slideshow of the 15 greatest NCAA Tournament look-a-likes. Bleacher pointed out how Maryland's Greivis Vasquez has a striking resemblance to The Situation from “Jersey Shore.” For some inane and illogical reason, that got us thinking about which NCAA Tournament coaches look like iconic 1980s movie characters. Obviously Louisville's Rick Pitino stands out as a dead ringer for one of BroBible's favorite Wall Street bad ass, Gordon Gekko. We've rounded up 10 more Big Dance coaches who have iconic silver-screen dopplegangers from the big-haired decade of our births. If you have your own creative additions, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Rick Pitino vs. Gordon Gekko from “Wall Street”

Tom Izzo vs. Principal Richard Vernon from “The Breakfast Club”

Gary Williams vs. Captain Harris from “Police Academy”

John Calipari vs. Jake LaMotta from “Raging Bull”

Bob Huggins vs. Wink Wilkinson from “Little Shop Of Horror”

Jim Boeheim vs. Max Zorin from “A View To A Kill”

Bill Self vs. Lloyd Dobler from “Say Anything”

Blaine Taylor vs. '80s Porn Legend Ron Jeremy

Mike Krzyzewski vs. Al Bundy from “Married with Children”

Bruce Pearl vs. Frank Dux from “Bloodsport”


Runner-up, NIT Edition

Roy Williams vs. Judge Smails from “Caddyshack