New SensoGlove Helps You Avoid the ‘Death Grip’ on the Golf Course

by 7 years ago

According to the press release:

SensoGlove, the world's first golf glove with built-in digital sensors that continuously read the user's grip pressure to ensure a consistently accurate, smooth and powerful golf swing. SensoGlove's small, sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED digital monitor analyzes the pressure of the swing through highly responsive sensors placed throughout the glove. Just swing the golf club to receive real-time audio and visual feedback at 80 times per second by the small and highly responsive sensors warning you if you exceed your target level of grip pressure. The patented SensoGlove even shows you which fingers are gripping too tightly, so you can adjust your grip accordingly.

When the leather of your glove wears out, you can get a replacement for $25 (and keep the sensor). [Insert bad jerking off joke here.] Go to for more information.

[via Engadget]

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