NFL Betting: How To Choose the Right Sportsbook For Your Bankroll

NFL Betting: How To Choose the Right Sportsbook for Your Bankroll

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Over one-fifth of the $52.7 billion Americans spent on sports betting last year was bet on NFL football. Over $12 billion in NFL betting has many excited about this season’s action. But if you are new to making NFL bets, you might not know where to start.

Learning how to make your NFL best bets and where to place them is critical. So, keep reading to learn how to keep your bankroll and get the best NFL betting odds. This guide will get you on the path to enjoying the entire NFL season of sports betting.

Set A Budget

First, you must decide how much you will risk over an NFL betting season. Whether you bet as a hobby or to become a professional, you must protect all other assets. So, when you deposit a bankroll, treat it as separate from all other accounts.

Your sports betting account is an investment to last an entire season. It’s critical to think of your investment as untouchable. Like a savings account, you don’t want to dip into your bankroll for other expenses. So be comfortable with an amount you can afford not to access for the season.

It’s best if you create a separate bank account for sports betting. Avoid the temptation to add funds when losing streaks happen.
Every better goes through peaks and valleys with NFL bets. Yet, chasing losses with more deposits is a recipe for disaster.

Tracking the movement of your funds is also critical. Keep records of your NFL bets detailing every part of the wager. For example, note the NFL betting odds, the sportsbook where the bet got placed, and if the bet won or lost.

Describe the type of bet you made and where the funds came from for the bet. If you used a bonus bet instead of your bankroll, mark it down. Accurate records are essential for bankroll management.

Use Bankroll Management Strategies

The margin for a winning bettor is so thin that even professionals lose NFL bets almost 50% of the time. So you will need the discipline to avoid the traps of overbetting your stake. One of the worst practices is to overplay your NFL best bets.

The fundamentals of NFL betting are not like everyday finances. You can’t think about rewarding yourself after winning bets to last a season. Bankroll management is a system for using available funds to grow your stake.

The conventional way to place NFL bets is by percentages. Whatever your starting stake, decide on a small percentage for each bet to reduce risk. Professional bettors wager as little as 1% of their stake for NFL bets.

If you are NFL betting as a hobby, you might feel comfortable betting up to 5% of your bankroll. However, remembering to stay within your range for making NFL bets is crucial. If your stake grows, you can bet more if you remain at 5% of your stake.

Many novice bettors try to score big with their NFL best bets. Yet, a disciplined approach to NFL betting will keep you going deeper into the season. Chasing losses with larger NFL bets will only reduce your bankroll more if you lose.

There are other ways to size your NFL betting. Dividing your stake into units will ensure you don’t overbet. For example, you might decide that $50 is one unit for a $1000 bankroll. Then you can decide how many units to wager for different NFL betting lines.

Flat betting means you don’t change the bet amount, whatever your stake size. Whichever method you choose, make your NFL bets with discipline to reach the end of the season.

Common NFL Betting Lines

There are several different ways to make NFL bets. The most popular NFL betting trends are Moneylines, Spreads, and Over/Under bets. But sports betting sites have introduced several new ways to wager on NFL games.

Wager payouts for NFL betting lines are all based on $100 bets. But, of course, you don’t have to bet that amount when sports betting. So instead, do the math based on $100 NFL bets to determine your win amount.


The most straightforward NFL bets are a simple choice between winners and losers. Each team has NFL betting lines next to their names.

For example, if the New York Jets are +150 on the Moneyline, it indicates they are the underdog. Yet, a bet of $100 will return $150 plus your original bet.

The favorite Buffalo Bills might have odds of -125 for this game against the Jets. Therefore, you must bet $125 on Buffalo to win $100 plus your bet.

Point Spreads

NFL betting lines for spreads are very popular with the betting public. For example, if the Jets are a +4.5 point underdog, your bet wins if New York loses the game by four points or less.

The Bills would need to win by five points or more as -4.5 favorites. Odds are posted for each spread and work the same as the Moneyline odds.


Over/Under NFL bets don’t affect the game’s winner. Instead, choose whether the points scored by the two teams exceed the posted number.

For example, the Jets vs. Bills might have an Over/Under posting of 42.5 points. If you think these teams can score more than forty-three points, bet the Over. Deciding that less than 43 points get scored might be one of your NFL best bets.

Spread Out Your Bankroll

Sports betting sites offer other types of NFL bets. Some prop bets have good NFL betting lines. But these NFL bets and Futures can tie up your bankroll when you need the stake for the best NFL betting odds. It’s best to stick with the three conventional forms of NFL betting.

Yet, you might also consider spreading your bankroll over several sportsbooks. Professionals search sports betting sites for tiny edges on NFL betting lines. Every half-point margin can help keep your bankroll at a high level.

Look for the best sportsbooks offering different NFL betting odds. Open accounts at each sports betting site with a part of your bankroll. Make your NFL bet bets with the sportsbook that offers the most favorable odds.

Make NFL Bet With Precision

Sports betting is a discipline that requires in-depth study. However, learning NFL betting odds and trends gives you the best odds of keeping your stake. So if you want to enjoy NFL betting through the entire season, use these principles for a winning edge.

Of course, there are no guarantees. But you can learn more about sports betting by watching our site for valuable insights.

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