Sunday Betting Recap: NFL Bettor Lost $180,000 After The Colts Pulled Off The Biggest Upset Of The Season (So Far)

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Sportsbooks nationwide were worried it was going to be a ROUGH day for the house on Sunday after the Patriots finished the first-quarter losing to the Washington Redskins 6-7 but went on to cover the spread and win the game 33-7. 93% of the money bet on that game was on the Patriots at -16.

Things started to turn around quickly, however, because 87% of the money on the Bears-Raiders was on the Bears (-6) and that game ended with the Raiders winning 21-24 at home in Oakland and the sportsbooks recouping some $$$$$.

One of the biggest bets reported over the weekend, according to Darren Rovell’s Sunday live-blog on the Action Network, was from a gambler who put $180,000 down on a 2-team parlay to net a profit of $147,540.

He put that $180K on the Chiefs+Ravens Moneyline and it was nearly busted on the first leg of the parlay when the Ravens-Steelers game went to overtime but the Ravens pulled out the win with a FG in OT and all that bettor needed was a Chiefs win over the Indianapolis Colts. Easy money, right? Wrong.

The Kansas City Chiefs suffered the biggest upset of NFL’s Week 5, losing at home to the Colts 19-13 and putting up the fewest points they’ve scored in their last TWENTY SIX GAMES. Mahomes still recorded 321-yards through the air but only notched 1 touchdown and that sunk the bettor’s parlay. $180,000 gone in an instant.

But that wasn’t the weekend’s biggest loss. Another gambler put down $210,000 at DraftKings on the Bears money line (-263). That $210,000 bet would’ve netted a $79,800 profit but as we mentioned above, the Bears lost on the road in Oakland (21-to-24) and that gambler was out $210,000.

It gets worse. According to PointsBet, a third bettor put down $285,00 on a Chiefs + Bears parlay that would’ve netted $196,551 profit and that was busted. So while the sportsbooks got rocked by the Patriots easy win over the Washington Redskins some of them made that $$$$ back on these busted parlays.

Someone had the balls to bet the Redskins would hold the lead over the Pats after Q1 and that paid out:

The Colts upsetting the Chiefs meant a win for the house:

This dude lost $120K on the Chiefs, a bet that would’ve only paid out $17,000:

If you want to see that live blog of yesterday’s NFL gambling action you can click here to read it in its entirety but halfway through the article it redirects you to download their app if you want to keep reading, soooooooo I’ll let you decide there.

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