The NFL’s List of Finable Offenses Has Some Pretty Ridiculous Shit on It

by 4 years ago

USATSI_7666756_168380593_lowres More like the National Fine League, AMIRIGHT? The sad thing is: I am right.

The list below — originally posted by  the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin and more recently by Deadspin — shows all the offenses the NFL deems as “finable.” The list is all that you would expect and so much more. I legitimately had no idea the League took money from players for throwing a football into the stands. Not just the few hundred bucks the footballs cost to replace, either. For every football you waste, you buy 50 to 100 more. Such nonsense. The NFL is basically just the corporate version of Mr. Vernon monitoring detention. 



[Image via David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports]


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