NFL Network Spent A Whole Segment Predicting The WRONG Seahawks Schedule, Got Roasted On Twitter

If you were looking for some in-depth analysis of the upcoming 2017 schedule for the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend then NFL Network was NOT your place to be. Because despite the network’s talking heads Elliot Harrison and Heath Evans going through each and every game on the team’s schedule during a segment on the channel the schedule they predicted was from 2016. Whoops!

Amazingly, and you won’t believe this, but people on Twitter noticed. Especially a guy who would know, Seattle punter Josh Ryan.

You know who else noticed? The Seattle Seahawks…

Man, they’re even better at predicting than Harrison and Evans.

Naturally, Twitter had a blast with this broadcasting failure…

Turns out that the NFL Network did exactly as that last tweet requested…later.