How Will Your Favorite NFL Team Fare Against Vegas’s Over/Under Predictions?

by 9 years ago


New England Patriots: 11.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (even)
The Patriots added some parts in the offseason and have motivation following last year’s playoff debacle to the Jets. Watch out for those TEs to be Brady’s favorite receivers.

New York Jets: 10 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (even)
The Jets are basically the same team from last year, which should help in the post-lockout world with a limited amount of training camp. Shonn Greene will finally break out this year.

Miami Dolphins: 7.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (even)
Who did they exactly add in the offseason? Reggie Bush and a center/guard in Pouncey aren’t going to be good enough. Marshall will be back to greatness, but the rest of the team is rather crappy.

Buffalo Bills: 5.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-135)
The draft improved the team’s defense, but they’re still a long ways away. The offense isn’t necessarily stealing any games either.


Pittsburgh Steelers: 10.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-115)
Most people are back from last year’s Super Bowl run and we already mentioned continuity is key in this year’s NFL. It’ll help that their offensive line starts off a tad less decimated than it was at the end of last season.

Baltimore Ravens: 10 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-120)
A better offensive line should generate more points for the Ravens and their defense is still good enough to keep them in plenty of games.

Cleveland Browns: 7 games
Mr. T's Pick: Push
I’m still waiting for someone to explain how the Browns didn’t get their franchise QB some receivers in free agency or the draft. Greg Little was the best you could give Colt? C’mon.

Cincinnati Bengals: 5.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-150)
Carson Palmer knew the right time to get out of dodge.


Indianapolis Colts: 9 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (???)
The line has been taken down by most sports books given the Manning injury. Expect the offense to take a major dip without the maestro under center. When he comes back is anybody’s guess.

Houston Texans: 9 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-160)
Somebody has to win the division. It’s got to be the Texans’ time now, right??

Tennessee Titans: 6.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (even)
Hasselbeck should give the offense some stability, but the defense was absolutely abysmal last year and didn’t see much improvement in the offseason.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 6.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (even)
Jags fans can get excited for a few games of Luke McCown before Blaine Gabbert takes over. Yikes!


San Diego Chargers: 10 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-130)
Their kick coverage won’t look as bad with most of the kickoffs going through the back of the end zone. Gates and Mathews seem healthy and Vinny Jackson is back!

Kansas City Chiefs: 7.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-130)
This year’s schedule is much tougher than last year's and Cassel is already nursing a rib injury. Regression to the mean is the obvious answer here.

Oakland Raiders: 6.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-130)
The Raiders won their games last year with their RBs and their defense. Their defense won’t be as good without Nnamdi, but at least the team can run the 4×100 meters better than any other team in the league.

Denver Broncos: 6 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-120)
John Fox should give this team a bit of legitimacy. The defense will improve and the offense has some nice parts.

AFC Best Bets: Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers{pagebreak}


Philadelphia Eagles: 10.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (+130)
The “Dream Team” is already dealing with issues. The offensive line remains a major issue, which makes me think Vick won’t play all 16 games, which makes me think they’re not getting to 11 wins.

Dallas Cowboys: 9 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (+115)
The Cowboys were the pick for the division last year before a bad start and Tony Romo’s injury. Now that Wade Phillips is gone, we can actually recognize this team as having upside.

New York Giants: 9 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-120)
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team lose as many defensive players to injury before the season started. Eli Manning has also looked like shit in preseason so far. Can’t say I’m being a homer on this one.

Washington Redskins: 6 games
Mr. T's Pick: Push
Rex Grossman! John Beck! Ladies and gentleman, your 2011 Washington Redskins!!!


Green Bay Packers: 11.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-155)
While the Super Bowl champs have a good squad, I’m not sure they’re 12-wins good. Things went too well for them on their run to the title last year to make me forget their regular season.

Detroit Lions: 8 games
Mr. T's Pick: Push
I really hope Matt Stafford stays healthy because I’d like to see what this offense could do over a full 16 games. I’m just not confident that’s possible.

Chicago Bears: 8 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-140)
Jay Cutler is one bad game away from a full-out riot at Soldier Field. Lance Briggs is demanding a trade. Matt Forte can’t get a new contract. I know you’re as excited as I am to watch this team combust around Week 6.

Minnesota Vikings: 7 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-120)
They have enough credible parts around that the fans in Minnesota should just hope for a competitive team this year. A .500 season seems attainable with an easier schedule.


Atlanta Falcons: 10 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-110)
The schedule will be a little tougher, but most of the parts are back from last year’s team. Michael Turner is healthy and Julio Jones has been added, so the offense should be slightly more productive this year.

New Orleans Saints: 10 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-160)
No one’s really talking about the Saints, but they’re in the same state as the Cowboys. They had a ton of respect last year and did well enough in free agency to look for an improvement this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-140)
I don’t know what it is, but I’ve heard enough negative buzz about the Buccaneers that I’m off the bandwagon for the time being. They won’t tank, but a regression to 7-9 seems very likely.

Carolina Panthers: 4.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-110)
Starting rookie QBs with a terrible defense usually isn’t a recipe for success.


St. Louis Rams: 7.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Over (-110)
Vegas has no idea who is going to win the division because they’ve slated three different teams at 7.5 wins. I’ll take Sam Bradford over Kevin Kolb and some combination of Alex Smith and Colin Kapernick.

Arizona Cardinals: 7.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-110)
Larry Fitzgerald will return to prominence, but Kolb has a little too much gun slinger in him and Beanie Wells probably won’t stay healthy and productive.

San Francisco 49ers: 7.5 games
Mr. T's Pick: Under (-150)
You read that correctly above. I said Alex Smith and Colin Kapernick. Eight wins? Are you kidding me? Lock that shit up, B.

Seattle Seahawks: 6 games
Mr. T's Pick: Push
Tavaris Jackson brings his show to the West Coast. That’s not a good thing. We all know the Seahawks were a fluke last year.

NFC Best Bets: Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams

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