NFL Week 10 Gambling Recap: Vegas Wins Big, One Bettor Lost $60K On Cowboys, Another Won $400K On The Browns

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The NFL’s Week 10is almost officially over with only the 7-2 Seahawks and undefeated 49ers left to play on Monday Night Football. Russell Wilson is 23-5-1 in primetime games throughout his career so you might want to factor that into your bets tonight as Seattle travels to play the Niners.

This week’s action can be characterized by ‘Vegas wins big.’ The sportsbooks were VERY happy with the action on Sunday and The House walked away with their second-biggest win of the 2019 NFL season. This was primarily due to outright losses from the Rams (12-17 Steelers W) and Chiefs (32-35 Titans W). 90% of the best in that game were on the Chiefs (-6.5). Those numbers were even higher at some specific sportsbooks.

Atlanta also woke up and shellacked the Saints 26-9 (in New Orleans) which was a huge win for the books. The Falcons were 14-point underdogs in that game but managed to FINALLY show up on Sunday and put it together.

One heavy better ended the day down $40,000 but managed to win $400K on the Cleveland Browns who eeked out a 16-19 win at home against the Buffalo Bills. If the Browns (-3) didn’t hit he would’ve had one f’n miserable day.

This gambler cashed in $50K on the Vikings.

Another dropped $60,000 on the Cowboys and took a pretty brutal hit there.

This one just stings. A person took the over (52.5) in the Saints + Falcons game at $1,000/point. So every point they were under would cost them $1,000.

Some other notable bets listed on the Action Network Sunday recap include a $90,000 bet on the Chiefs’ moneyline (-270) which would’ve paid out only $33,000 if the Chiefs won. They lost and that gambler’s out $90,000.

For a full rundown of yesterday’s action including some quotes from various sportsbook representatives, you can click here to visit the Action Network.