NFL Week 15 Gambling Recap: One Bettor Won $93K On The Bills, Others Won Huge On The Redskins

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Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season is nearly wrapped up with only the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints left to play on Monday Night Football. We are starting to get an idea of how the NFL Playoffs will shake out this year despite a few wild changes this weekend.

The 10-2 San Francisco 49ers lost to the 4-9 Atlanta Falcons and jumped from the #1 seed to the #5 seed which is just insane to me that the standings are so close this deep into the season. Of course, that game had some serious betting implications as most gamblers in their right mind wouldn’t have taken the Falcons. Likewise, the Cincinnati Bengals were leading the New England Patriots after the first quarter which cost some live-action bettors some cash (others won $, of course).

The Seahawks (-6) on the road against the Panthers (+6) managed to hit on the spread when the game finished 30-24. The Jags (5-9) beat the Raiders (6-8) 20-16 on the road and the Raiders have now lost four straight games after starting the season 6-4. The Browns lost AGAIN (6-8) and ensured that they will finish the decade without a winning season. The only team in the NFL to finish this entire decade without a single winning season.

In Vegas, the sportsbooks got crushed when the Washington Redskins covered the spread on the last playoff the game. They weren’t covering at any point up until the very last play. And this cost the house a massive amount of money, according to reports.

These are the teams with the most amount of money on them at sportsbooks from Las Vegas to New Jersey. Only the Patriots were profitable:

The bettor known as ‘Parlay Patz’ lost out on a potential $100,000 win after the Raiders went down to the Jaguars and the 49ers lost to the Falcons. The 23-year-old NYC college student bet $40,000 to win $100,579.22 on these teams, according to the Action Network.

– Navy moneyline vs. Army (WON)
– Packers moneyline vs. Bears (WON)
– Patriots moneyline vs. Bengals (WON)
– 49ers moneyline vs. Falcons (SF leading)
– Raiders moneyline vs. Jaguars (LOST)

According to the Action Network, Parlay Patz has made over $1.1 million (in earnings) since his streak began this season.

Some big winners include this guy who brought in $93,000 on the Bills and another who should probably cash out after a big bet on the Panthers

Dude, cash out. For real.

A huge bettor here:

Another massive set of action from this bettor:

I think I’m overdue for a trip to Las Vegas. Sure, it’s easy to place bets just about anywhere in America right now but there’s something about watching the action in Vegas that those other sportsbooks will never be able to match. It’s just so much better.

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