NFL Week 8 Gambling Recap: One Bettor Won $124K On ‘Sunday Night Football’, Another Won $271K Thanks To Adam Vinatieri

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Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season is nearly in the books and unlike the previous weeks there were quite a few bettors that really cashed in this week thanks to the underdogs covering. This is in stark contrast from the past few weeks where a few notable favorites failed to cover the spread and the Vegas/NJ sports books cashed in huge.

We still have the Cowboys (4-3) vs. Ravens (5-2) on Monday Night Football to go but enough of the NFL Week 8 action has concluded so I think it’s safe to throw this betting recap on your radar.

Let’s start with throwing out some teams that covered and a few massive corresponding bets. One gambler put $110,000 on the Atlanta Falcons at +7.5 (vs Seahawks), a ticket that paid out $210,000. The same guy put $110,000 on the Denver Broncos (+6) at the Indianapolis Colts, that ticket also paid out $210,000. Just a cool $200,000 win from two games.

Another bettor threw down $55,000 on the Tennssee Titans (-2) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston threw a late-game pick to lose ANOTHER game and that gambler won a quick $50,000. That same person also bet $55,000 straight on the New York Giants (+6) which paid out against the Detroit Lions who won by 5. So that bettor walked away with $100,000.

The biggest win I came across from yesterday was in the Sunday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers on the road at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs (5-3). The Packers won (on the road) 31-24 to move to 7-1 on the season after beating the Chiefs without Mahomes.

The gambler bet $180,000 on the Packers at -3.5 and walked away with a net $124,317 pay day.

Here’s how the divide in money looked at FanDuel going into the 1pm games yesterday, according to Rovell’s recap on The Action Network:

95% of bets and 93% of the money on Seahawks (at Falcons)

94% of bets and 89% of money on Colts (vs. Broncos)

84% of bets and 72% of money on Rams (vs. Bengals)

81% of bets and 75% of money on Patriots (vs. Browns)

79% of bets and 78% of money on Green Bay (at Chiefs)

78% of bets and 74% of money on Houston (vs. Raiders)

For more of week 8’s biggest wins and some of the losses you can click here to read the recap over on The Action Network and give @Covers_Vegas (Patrick) a follow on Twitter who’s a great source on Sundays for where all of the action’s at.