One Of Nick Young’s Side Chicks Leaks Texts And Video Of Him Allegedly Cheating On Iggy Azalea


Earlier today Iggy Azalea promised to chop off Nick Young’s dick if another video of him cheating surfaced on the Internet. Well, she might have to follow through on her promise.

Just a few weeks after his teammate D’Angelo Russell filmed him admitting to cheating on Iggy, a new girl has come forward claiming that she hooked up with the Lakers guard Nick Young while he was engaged to his pop star girlfriend.

To back up her claims the girl leaked text messages Young sent to her and also released a video of Swaggy jokingly asking her for “head” while the two were at a hotel.

Via The Shade Room



Nick Young has responded to the girl’s claims on Twitter.


Scroll down to meet Swaggy’s side chick, Britt.