Nine Brackets Still Vying for Top Prizes in the Pick’Em Pool!

by 9 years ago

[inline:bracket]Sixty-one teams have been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, which leaves just Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke vying for a National Championship in Indianapolis this coming weekend. So what's the update in our Pick'Em pool? We've got nine brackets vying for top prizes, with the WVU-Duke match-up on Saturday looming large for seven of those brackets, and the Midwest-West game critical as well. Here's the breakdown of possible winners and losers:

If West Virginia Wins It All: H. Wadingsworth and his Pound Town Express bracket is currently in first place overall with 860 points (99.9% nationwide). He's got West Virginia to win it all, but since he picked them over Kansas, he needs to be rooting hard for Butler to beat Michigan State in the other Final Four matchup. That's because J. Kasten, who currently sits in 14th place at 770 points, has both Michigan State and West Virginia still alive in his bracket — the only entrant out of 1,039 to have both Finals teams remaining. So in the West Virginia wins scenario, it all depends on who Huggie Bear and De'Sean Butler play in the Finals. If it's Tom Izzo & Co., J. Kasten will have pulled off a huge come-from-behind victory. If it's Butler, H. Wadingsworth will be a very happy man. Vying for second and third place, respectfully, are I. Montgelas and J. Porter, both with WVU circled on their brackets (and both hoping for a Butler matchup as well). But what happens if Duke, Michigan State, or Butler win it all? Find out after the jump.


If Duke Wins It All: M. Varner is currently tied for 9th place at 790 points, but with his bracket riding on Duke, he'll win first place if Singler, Scheyer, and Smith are cutting down the nets a week from tonight. R. Hammer also likes the Blue Devils and would place second, while T. Hrozencik and J. Schnoor would tie for third if Duke is victorious.

If Michigan State Wins It All: Laxfreak217 is the only entrant to pick MSU, and although he's way behind with just 590 points (tied for 482nd place), a National Championship by MSU over Duke would win him first prize. If MSU wins over West Virginia, however, J. Kasten would edge him out by 20 points. That's why the early games matter. In an MSU-over-Duke scenario, M. Varner would take second place, and R. Hammer third. In the MSU-over-WVU scenario, H. Wadingsworth would take third.

If Butler Wins It All: And then there's Moneycash829, the only player to pick Butler, which we're guessing is his alma mater (update: see comments, it isn't!), to win the title. He currently sits in 114th place with 690 points, but a Bulldogs championship would win him first place. Butler over Duke would yield a second-place finish by M. Varner and third-place finish by R. Hammer. Butler over WVU would give H. Wadingsworth runners up status, and I. Montgelas third. So that's where we're at. How are you guys doing in your other brackets? Any scenarios you need to bring home a big prize? Sound Off in the comments… Also, if you think my math is screwy and I snubbed a bracket, let me know. We're relying on ESPN's system to determine the final winners, but we don't want to dash anyone's dreams just yet.