No Love for Huggy Bear—I’m Changing to Kentucky

by 9 years ago

I tossed and turned as I tried to fall asleep last night. I was going through the possible scenarios in my head with one day before the NCAA Tournament and it wasn't sitting right. West Virginia just isn't going to make the Final. I should've suspected something was wrong when I advanced them to the Final in my bracket on Sunday night. It didn't feel good at the time and four days later it's only gotten worse.


Bob Huggins' career is full of disappointments in March. He used to recruit high-end talent at Cincinnati, yet he only advanced to the Sweet 16 once in his last nine years there. That's not exactly the resume you're looking for in a head coach. He's got his West Virginia Mountaineers in fine position this year, but his in-game coaching ability can still be questioned. His Mountaineers have a tendency to keep their opponents in games, rather than pull away. Da'Sean Butler has been phenomenal in late-game situations, but what if some coach actually studied up and doesn't let him take the game-winning shot? Lastly, we turn to the situation at the point guard position. The point guards for the last five runners-up (in reverse order by year) are Kailin Lucas, Derrick Rose, Mike Conley Jr., Darren Collison, and Deron Williams. Truck Bryant doesn't exactly fit into that list. A good PG can overcome an insufficient coach, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. So if not West Virginia then who?

I've decided to go with chalk and advance Kentucky to the Final, where I have them losing to Kansas. This Kentucky team has its faults, but there is no other team on their side of the bracket who I can confidently advance to the Final. We all know the South region is the worst of the four and while I like Baylor, I'm not ready to have my bracket rely on them that much. I'll take my Baylor action on the side like any good user would. The Midwest region has Kentucky and West Virginia and that's where it ends. Calipari has at least shown the ability to get his team to the Final Four in recent years, with a freshman point guard no less. We all know Wall has talent. He makes Truck Bryant look like Sean Dockery. I'll take my chance with Kentucky and we'll see what happens. Now let's get this show on the road already…