Norwegian Creative Diving (Dødsing) Is Straight Up Lit If You’re Into Painful Bellyflop Competitions

by 2 years ago

You ever get so drunk you climb up to the top of a 10-meter diving platform and think to yourself ‘I’m just gonna send it?’ because that’s exactly how I think this Norwegian sport called Dødsing was created. It’s all about freestyle diving, but not the types of dives you’d see in an Olympic competition.

A lot of these dives end up in belly flops or back flops. One of the dude gets so messed up from diving off the high-dive that he’s bleeding. I have no proof that these divers are drunk but based on their creative diving performances I can only assume that there was vodka drank beforehand. Why am I making this assumption? Well, back in college I used to do this same shit during Summer break.

For weeks one Summer, one of my buddies and I would hit the beach, crushing Natty Light, then meander over to the YMCA diving pool and test the limits of our diving abilities with that liquid courage running through our veins. Did we ever get hurt? Nah, not really. Sure there were a few bruises here or there but I can’t recall I time I was ever bleeding like this dude from Norway…Evidently, the water is a lot sharper in Norway? (h/t The Ocho)

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