Here’s Our Official 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

by 6 years ago

Take one sip when:

  • The commentator tells us how much something cost
  • The commentators openly talk about an athlete’s attractiveness
  • Anything is compared to the Beijing ceremonies
  • You hear the phrase “this is what the Olympics is all about”
  • Usain Bolt is hyped up
  • A country whose name ends in ‘istan’ appears
  • The word “spectacular” or “moment”  is mentioned.
  • There is a reference to the 1948 London Olympics
  • There is an arial shot of the stadium
  • The commentators remark on the brilliant ingenuity of the “artificial clouds” inside the stadium — because that’s what London needs … more rain clouds
  • There is a close-up of Hope Solo or Alex Morgan
  • An athlete is shown taking a picture on their phone
  • A spectator or athlete is shown crying
  • A commentator inadvertently mentions how much London public transportation sucks
  • An English commentator stresses the importance of “Indian influence in the United Kingdom”

Chug half a beer every time:

  • A farm animal doing something not planned is shown (Finish your bottle if a PETA member tries to go Rambo and ruin the show)
  • A flag that has five or more colors in it is shown
  • A reference to “Slumdog Millionaire” is made (this might happen more often than you think)
  • 15 minutes goes by and a shot of David Beckham doesn’t appear
  • Danny Boyle is shown crying
  • A Dream Team reference is made
  • A mistake in the opening show is made
  • A royal family member is shown

Finish the drink in your hand when:

  • An interview is carried out on a spectator who is evidently drunk
  • A mistake in the alphabetical order of teams entering the stadium occurs
  • A team is made up of only women (this won’t happen)
  • A delegation has less than 10 athletes
  • Queen Elizabeth II is shown not waving or smiling

Take a shot every time:

  • A country you have never heard of is mentioned
  • A country is only represented by one athlete
  • James Bond parachutes into the stadium
  • An athlete or performer falls
  • A country’s delegation is shown for less than three seconds

Game Over:
Finish every beer in the house when you see a female athlete representing Saudi Arabia

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