Completely Naked Streaker Runs For Touchdown, Spikes Ball During Old Dominion Game

This is the best streaking video I’ve seen in a long time. And mostly because the dude is actually, you know, naked. Not that it’s something I particularly want to see, but I wholeheartedly respect the dedication.

The unidentified hairy gentleman snagged his 15 minutes of fame on Friday night during Old Dominon’s defense-optional game against Middle Tennessee.

He got his grubby paws on a football and took off like a bat out of hell toward the end zone. Once there, he bravely spiked the ball in extremely close proximity to his dangling junk. Wait, is “brave” the proper word.

With Barry Sanders-like agility, he deftly avoided a few security personnel before being gang-tackled facefirst on some pavement.

It’s a bold move getting hauled off to jail completely nude and covered in raspberries. But clearly, this guy is all about bold moves.

Good decisions? Not so much.

[H/T: Larry Brown Sports]