Would You Pay $750,000 for This Suite at the Super Bowl?

by 8 years ago

Face value tickets for the Big Game will set you back $700-$1,200. And fans turning to third-party brokers better brace themselves. The average ticket on the secondary market is going for $3,984.73, according to the New York Post.

But what about options for the so-called 1 percent? How can they turn going to the Super Bowl into a wallet-busting blowout? What's the most ridiculous way to get into the game?

Sideline tickets are currently going for around $20,000 on StubHub. Really a small price to pay to see Eli Manning's “emotions” and Madonna's bicep veins up close.

Super Bowl Suite

Ballers can also band together with 34 of their buddies to go in on the Super Bowl's Hope Diamond — a $750,000 suite currently up for grabs. This super-sized package includes tickets to the game in a ground-level suite, catering, drinks and four parking passes (all the photos in this story are of this suite). If buying this doesn't get you laid, nothing will. Bros wanting to throw down on this equally would only be responsible for a paltry $21,428.

Super Bowl Suite

For the more fiscally responsible fans, comparable, if slightly less ridiculous, suites are currently available for $617,000 and $500,000. (Makes you wonder if they'd switch out all the Colts decor for your preferred shades of blue and red.

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the tangential media circus surrounding the actual game. A cursory look into the week's activity reveals that a guy could realize a lot of dreams — for a price.

Maxim's tailgate party, which combines babes with Tony Siragusa and Guy Fieri (get your chicken wings early), is just $600. Playboy's party, however, will run you $1,150.

Of course, local businesses are jumping into the money-grab. For $170, one company is offering a place for people to crash for the night with sleeping bags. That place is the floor of an office building. All the amenities of home, except actual amenities. Hotel rooms 15 minutes outside the city are available for a cool $500 on Orbitz.com. They normally cost $85.

Now, a sane person realizes that all of these prices are insane. But it's the Super Bowl. It is the biggest and most important sporting event of the year, a de facto national holiday. Going overboard is a tradition. We eat and drink too much. Companies overpay for commercial time. Gamblers bet money they can't afford to lose on impossible-to-predict prop bets.

It's just the way it is. People go big or they don't go at all. And whoever ends up in that suite come kickoff will certainly be going big.

So we've got to ask: If your team was in the Super Bowl, what's the most amount of money would you pay for a ticket? Sound Off in the comments.

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