Pornhub Asks Users to Stop Uploading Brazil v. Germany Game Highlights To Its Public Humiliation Category

by 4 years ago


As humans, we delight in the misery of others. We are a sick, twisted bunch. So, in an effort to continue rubbing salt in the fresh wounds of devastated Brazilians, many World Cup fans took to Pornhub last night to continue their public shaming of potentially the worst defeat in World Cup history.

Everyone’s favorite porn site was flooded with users posting video of Germany’s domination to their “Public Humiliation” category, which I am not familiar with, but I’m assuming features a bunch of videos of people having to eat lunch alone in a crowded cafeteria. The videos sported titles such as, “Young Brazilians get fucked by entire German soccer team,” which actually sounds like a legitimate video that could be on the site.

It got to the point where Pornhub’s Twitter account had to make an appeal to its devoted fan base of pervs, asking them to please cease with the yuk-yuks.

Poor Brazil. Even getting ragged on by porn sites. I’m not sure how they’re gonna move on from this, except maybe, they’ll remember THAT THIS IS JUST A DUMB GAME AND YOUR COUNTRY IS FILLED WITH THE HOTTEST CHICKS ON THE PLANET. STOP CRYING.

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