Phil Mickelson Drank a $40,000 Bottle of Wine Out of the Claret Jug


What will Phil do next? How about whatever the fuck Phil pleases? How bout that?

I saw this presser live on the Golf Channel this morning and didn’t think that Phil Mickelson drinking a $40,000 bottle of wine out of the Claret Jug was news, I figured rich people always did that shit. Forty large to Phil is nothing. Probably loses more than that in one hand of blackjack.

(Side note: I also ignored it, because when I saw it I was actively tweeting at the Golf Channel to hire me as Holly Sonders’ replacement on Playing Lessons with the Pros. She jumped ship to Fox, and we all know you can’t replace a beauty like her with some festering eyesore of a host. That’s where I come in, gang. I’m not only long off the tee, but I’ve got a handsome face and an ass that just won’t quit. Pretty much a no-brainer for GC to hire me ASAP. What I’m trying to say is: expect my resignation letter any minute now.)

Anyway, so Phil Mickelson drank some expensive wine out of the Claret Jug.

Per CBS:

“I’ve loved having the Jug with me for the last 12 months,” he said. “The people who know and love the game get a big kick out of it. They really appreciate what it means to hold such a famous trophy. And drink out of it.”

But what do they drink? Beer? Liquor?


“I only let them drink the good stuff of course. There’s been nothing in there that is sub-par. But the best was a 1990 bottle of Romanee Conti wine.  It costs about $40,000.”

Now is the part where we all gasp in unison.

[Image via Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports]