PHOTOS: A Brief Explanation About the Phillies Fan Insults Directed at Pat Burrell

by 8 years ago

Obviously you never followed Burrell during his first 5 years in Philly. He was knows for hanging out at a certain bar on Walnut Street, getting piss drunk, picking up chicks, taking them back to his place and well…. he would relieve himself in the bed because he was so drunk he couldn't get up to go to the bathroom. Of course, that was after he would hook up with whatever random chick he picked up that night. At least that is what all the rumors were at the time. And oh yeah, rumor had it that his wife liked to run around on him. Just sayin' that everybody from Philly understood the signs….they weren't that complicated to figure out. We'll promise to write them on the 2nd grade level for you at game 6.

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