The Hero We All Need Right Now: Pornhub Working To Stop The Spread Of Zika Virus At The Rio Olympics

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We’re two sleeps away from the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics and we’re already being totally inundated with horror stories from athletes already in Brazil. Aside from athletes being kidnapped and robbed, and the water quality down there being deadly, the biggest concern going into these games is the Zika Virus being spread both by mosquitoes and transmitted sexually. As we all know from stories of previous games the Olympic Village where the majority of athletes bunk up for the is basically at 24/7 orgy, and that means there’s a VERY serious concern with the Zika Virus spreading like wildfire as Olympians hump like rabbits. Until now, nobody’s stepped up to the plate to stave off the impending Zika Virus but Pornhub just put on the cape and is officially the hero that the world needs right now.

Announcing ‘Ooohlympics : A Pornhub Health Initiative’ this morning Pornhub sent out a press release detailing how 1) they’ll be offering athletes free Pornhub Premium accounts in an effort to decrease Zika being transmitted sexually and 2) they are on the ground in Rio passing out Zika Virus-prevention kits.

via Pornhub’s Ooohlympics SFW landing page:

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Already Brazil is leading the way with 4 athletes signed up for free Pornhub Premium accounts, and you can see updated real-time signups on Pornhub’s Ooohlympics landing page (SFW). You can also find detailed information about their efforts to stave off the spread of Zika Virus in Rio on that landing page, but for those of you interested in today’s full press release here you go:

New York, N.Y.– Today, Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced the launch of Ooohlympics, a health initiative designed to help keep those visiting Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics safe from the Zika virus. As part of the initiative, Pornhub will provide free membership to its high-definition, on-demand streaming platform, Pornhub Premium, exclusively to residents of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Olympic athletes and visitors included.
To jumpstart the campaign, Team Pornhub will be in Rio on August 5th and 6th, handing out Zika protection kits consisting of a Pornhub Premium gift card, a canister of bug spray, a tissue box and bottle of lube; all the essentials to ensure protection. With many apprehensive to travel to Rio and attend the games due to fear of the virus, Pornhub is stepping up to decrease the chances of this disease spreading.
“As fear over the potential spreading of the Zika virus continues to grip the country of Brazil, here at Pornhub we wanted to ensure the protection of today’s top athletes, those traveling to Rio and the city’s current residents by offering free membership to Pornhub Premium. By providing an alternative to sexual intercourse, we are making an effort to combat this disease head on,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “Get ready to put your best O-faces on, for the Olympics of course.”
To provide users with information on the Zika virus, the official landing page for the initiative will include a detailed section with facts on the disease, in addition to instructions on how those in Rio can go about accessing their free Premium memberships. At this time, many Olympic star athletes are considering not attending the games because of this threat, and some of them have even frozen their eggs and sperm as a warranty of health for their future families as the virus can cause birth defects such as Microcephaly.
Pornhub’s Oohlympics initiative will also aim to encourage healthy competition among users in Rio. When users sign up for their free membership, they will be asked to identify which country they will be rooting for during the Olympic Games. Based on their input, Pornhub will update a live ranking of the nations with the most sign-ups. After closing ceremonies on August 21st, the three nations with the most memberships will receive gold, silver and bronze medals in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to come second.

For more on the Ooohlympics campaign be sure to follow any of the links above!!!

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