A Pro Gambler Turned $13,500 Into An Small Fortune By Guessing The Exact Score Of Super Bowl LIV

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iStockphoto / Seth Love

The Kansas City Chiefs rallied in the 4th quarter to beat Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers and be named Super Bowl LIV champions, ending the 50-year Super Bowl drought for Kansas City, Missouri.

The final score in the game was 31-20 after the Kansas City Chiefs scored 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. What’s wild is this was only the 3rd time in NFL postseason history that a game had ended 31-20, and that score has only appeared twice in the past 800 NFL games.

According to the Action Network, the last time(s) an NFL game ended 31-20 was TWICE on the same day. That occurred on September 16,2018 when the Jags beat the Pats and the Chargers beat the Bills. It’s a rare score in the NFL to say the least.

It’s unclear what spurred professional gambler @gambleballs to wager $13,500 on this exact score but it paid off in a huge way. He tweeted out pictures of his tickets from the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. He threw down $10,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs to score exactly 31 points at +1600 odds. That would be a win of $160,000 and payout of $170,000.

He also bet $3,500 on the San Francisco 49ers to score exactly 20 points at +2000 odds. That ticket would pay out a total of $73,500 ($70,000 win)…That’s a total of $230,000 from $13,500 in these specific best. Those scores hit and he raked in nearly a quarter of a million dollars by accurately predicting the Super Bowl’s exact score:

@gambleballs / twitter

Based on his bet of $13,500 on the exact score of the game I’m assuming that he had A METRIC ASS TON of action on the Super Bowl so it’s where he ended the day. In the responses to his tweet sharing the picture of that bet above, when asked about how many numbers he bet on he said ‘too many’.

Further down, he said “I had a negative SuperBowl overall. But not because of exact points (obviously)”. But he doesn’t seem too devastated in the tweet responses so I’m guessing this helped mitigate the damage A LOT.

Meanwhile, I live in Florida and don’t have a brick-and-mortar sportsbook readily accessible AND I missed on all of my Super Bowl boxes + other action. So I have nothing to add in terms of betting strategy here other than I probably would’ve had a small fortune in action if Florida could get its shit together and legalize sports gambling statewide.