A Gambler Pocketed $100,000 Thanks To One Of The Most Unlikely Bets Of Super Bowl LIII

by 6 months ago
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Earlier today, the all-knowing beings at Nielsen revealed the ratings for Super Bowl LIII, which turned out to be the least-watched championship game in the past decade thanks in no small part to the efforts of Saints fans who partied in the streets in lieu of watching the contest.

Those fans weren’t the only people to take aim at the Super Bowl, as there were more than a few high-profile celebrities who urged others to join them in boycotting the game in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Of course, there are plenty of other elements that could have played a role in the dip in viewership, like the underwhelming slate of commercials and Adam Levine’s nipples.

However, I think there’s one factor that explains the lackluster ratings more than any other: the game itself sucked ass.

The Rams got off to a hot start after Tom Brady was picked off on his first pass of the game but they hit a bit of a snag when they forgot how to play football.

Luckily for Los Angeles, the Patriots didn’t fare much better and both teams struggled to put points on the board for the first three quarters. They each notched a field goal apiece but New England would eventually manage to pull away in the fourth to win the game by a score of 13-3.

The Rams did have a chance to save a little bit of face when they attempted a field goal in the closing seconds but the kick sailed wide of the goalpost much to the delight of anyone who had a 3-3 box.

However, I doubt there was anyone more thrilled about the miss than the guy who’d put $250 on the Rams to score a total of three points at 400/1 odds and walked away with a cool $100,000.

Must be nice.

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