Ray Lewis Addressed The New Video Of Ray Rice Knocking Out His Fiancée On ‘Monday Night Countdown’



Earlier today, the raw video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée surfaced on TMZ. The Internet exploded. Everyone got on their personal soapbox to say their piece.

The events went as follows…

-Past and present NFL players called for Ray Rice to be banned from the league.

-Adam Schefter, an NFL insider for ESPN, called out the league and Roger Goodell for their mishandling of the situation.

-Fox News reminded everyone that the lesson in all of this was “take the stairs” and “when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.” 

The Baltimore Ravens felt the public pressure and ultimately terminated Ray Rice’s contract.

And now, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice’s former Baltimore Ravens teammate and noted mentor has chimed in on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. In doing so, Lewis wanted everyone to be clear that his “incident” from the past and what Ray Rice did to his wife are two completely different things. Well, yeah.

Full segment is below.

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