Here’s A Quick Recap Of That Certified Asshole Screaming ‘WOO!’ Non-Stop In The Camera During Super Bowl 50

After losing Super Bowl 50 in part due to a stagnant offense and questionable effort in key moments, you gotta feel for Cam Newton. He was simply manhandled by Von Miller. But, during trying times it’s important to keep perspective–Cam could have had it worse, he could have been the person sitting directly in front of the dude who was screaming “WOOO” during the entire game. That certified asshole invaded 110 million homes across the globe with his bitchy, shrill voice when we all were just trying to get drunk and eat our body weight in peace. I hope this video sparks a manhunt to locate this dude so he can be brought to justice for his sins.

P.S. StubHub said the average selling price of $4,879 this year. If I had dropped that cash and someone so much as stepped on my toe by accident, there would have been a casualty at Levi’s Stadium last night.