Nothing To See Here, Just A Redskins Fan Getting A Casual Blow Job In The Middle Of Sunday’s Game

by 4 years ago

If there is one thing Deadspin knows, it’s that you don’t pass up a good post about a dick. Dicks go viral. Dicks pay the bills. Dicks are the backbone of this country.

That’s exactly what we have here, a mighty fine dick post. One that involves a woman fellating the life out of a man in the stands at FedExField as just about everyone watches them.

Per Deadspin’s tipster:

This guy in the Taylor jersey and the girl was there with a group of about 6 other people. I’m pretty much sure the girl wasn’t his girlfriend. They were pretty much being inappropriate the whole time. With the guy in the Taylor jersey even going as far as motor boating the woman in front of everyone with her clothes on of course.

This probably all happened during the time when the Skins were getting walloped by the Bucs. When you’re down 24 points with Kick Cousins at quarterback you need something to take your mind off the beating. You either pack up your shit and go home early, or you get a blow job in broad daylight and regroup. Clearly he chose wisely. Would have really regretted missing that comeback.

What I want to know is did she swallow? Or did she honor Sean Taylor’s legacy and spit the load right into his face?

Related: It seems the clip of Taylor spitting in Michael Pittman’s face has removed itself from the Internet.

UPDATE: That apparently wasn’t the only dick sucking going on at FedExField on Sunday.


Probably saw that his RGIII jersey was signed and needed to blow him instantly.

[H/T Deadspin]

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