Redskins Player Creates the ‘It’s Not Like I Knocked Out My Wife’ Defense for When the NFL Suspends You For Two Games


The NFL suspended Washington Redskins strong safety Brandon Meriweather yesterday for an illegal hit to the head on the Baltimore Ravens Torrey Smith. Meriweather has been a perennial head hunter. This latest infraction was his SIXTH.

The two game suspension is the same amount of time than was brought down on Ray Rice following his elevator incident with his wife. Meriweather’s teammate, long snapper Nick Sundberg was flabbergasted that both men could suffer the same fate for two very different incidents. He took to Twitter to unleash his thoughts.

To be fair, everyone knows Rice’s suspension was as weak as a elderly man’s stream, but this was Meriweather’s SIXTH offense, so two games is a likely reasonable punishment at this point.

//, Ravens fans and people who think hitting women is “eh, whatever” got on Sundberg for his comment causing him to respond again…


Yes, because that would warrant no less than a three-game suspension.

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