Referee Gets Destroyed By Errant Pass, Is Too Proud To Let Player Help Him Up From The Ground

There’s a lot of blame that can be thrown around here. The quarterback is partially to blame for throwing a pass not to one of his receivers but straight at the head of the referee. The receivers have some blame for not staying open and getting the attention of their QB. And the referee is most at blame here because he has an obligation to remain undetected on the field, to not disrupt play in any way, shape, or form unless there’s a penalty. Instead, he got clocked in the head by an errant pass.

I’m feeling particularly salty this morning after my Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost by 5pts at home to the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots. Nick Folk missed THREE field goals last night, bringing his 5-day total of missed kicks up to 6. Had he just made the 30+ yarder like he’s fucking supposed to the Bucs would’ve been kicking a field goal to win the game with 3-seconds left on the clock.

Instead, the Bucs dropped a tough game at home thanks to mistakes and an inability to get the offense going in the first half of the game. Maybe I’m channeling my anger about last night’s game into criticism of that play above when I should really be focusing on building up my leg strength so I can walk-on to the Bucs and take Nick Folk’s job because his days in Tampa are over.