Reggie Miller’s Story Of The First Time He Tried To Shit Talk Michael Jordan Has The Most MJ Ending Ever

Thanks to Reggie Miller telling the story about his first encounter with Michael Jordan, we all learned something new today. That lesson is not that you don’t talk shit to Michael Jordan on the basketball court, it’s that a young, confident and very dominant Michael Jordan used to refer to himself as “Black Jesus.” So much hubris. So, so very much.

Like most kids, I was a huge Michael Jordan fan when I was growing up. Fuck, I may have even prayed to him once or twice. So learning that he called himself “Black Jesus” — while not unbelievable at all given everything that has come out or happened since his playing days — is also kind of great to hear. At least now I know that I spent my childhood idolizing someone who thought he was God. And that, itself, is quite comforting.