RGIII Is Now Owning Old Dudes At Basketball At A Gym In Estonia, And He Can Flat Out Ball

by 6 months ago

I guess I could go two ways with this blog: 1.) Check out a former Heisman winner who led the Redskins to the top of their division in his rookie year now playing pickup ball with a bunch of old guys with gout at a gym in Estonia. SAD! 2.) RGIII, who has made tens of millions in his short NFL career, has avoided further destruction on his body, found love, and looks to be happy living life as a regular civilian.

I think I’ll go the second route because 99% of us would still kill to have this dude’s life.

RGIII brought his FSU track star girlfriend Grete Sadeiko to a gym in her native Estonia to film him terrorizing defenses at a local gym. Choose your ending: 1.) RGIII is THAT guy who brings his girl to a pickup game and kisses her in between buckets. 2.) RGIII has found a smoking hot girl who will support him in all his endeavors, no matter how seemingly meaningless. No matter how many times I try to get my girlfriend to watch my high school game tape, she starts scrolling through her ex’s Facebook. RGIII is doing it right.

And he’s fucking nice at ball.

Conclusion: Robert Griffin III took the road less traveled, kept his knee semi-intact, found a smokeshow to settle down with, and now using his tens of millions to swim with fucking dolphins. Tough to hate on that.



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