Rickie Fowler And Bubba Watson Dressed In Kilts After Yesterday’s Ryder Cup Loss, People Are Pissed Over It


Last night, after the U.S. got destroyed YET AGAIN in the Ryder Cup, Hunter Mahan tweeted this photo of Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson. The duo are dressed in wigs and kilts and nothing else. They seem to already be over their team’s loss, too. Or at least that’s what the golf talkers on Morning Drive and the general public on Twitter are saying.

That’s one hell of an assumption based on one photo. Especially considering it was taken in the Team USA meeting room and neither of these guys even drink. This isn’t Rob Gronkowski at a club after the Patriots suffered a major loss. These guys are blowing off steam until they can fly home, not blowing lines in Scotland’s hottest club. And I kind of blame Mahan for even tweeting it. You’ve got to give more context than “what just happened? if you’re going to post shit like this after your team gets dusted on the course and the photo includes two guys who both had a forgettable Ryder Cup (without Jimmy Walker, Fowler might have only halved one match).


What just happened? You guys lost to a better team and jacking your flop shot over the green on 18 didn’t help. But at least you didn’t chunk it again. #Progress.