Rob Gronkowski’s Horse Opened Up At 69/1 Odds To Win The Belmont Stakes

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I don’t know if I’ll love anything in life as much as Rob Gronkowski loves the number 69. My mom is cool and all, but she hasn’t provided me with the unbridled joy Gronk gets from hearing the word 69 since she bought me Sega Saturn for Christmas in 1994. Ok, I think I’m going to steer clear in using ‘my mom’ and ’69’ in the same sentence from now on.

Gronk’s affinity for 69 isn’t a phase or a gimmick, it’s a way of life, bursting with rich history…

Many of you know that a horse part-owned by the star tight end, dubbed Gronkowski, is racing in the Belmont Stakes after being pulled from the Kentucky Derby due to illness.

The horse’s odds to win at gambling site Bovada opened up at 69/1, naturally.

Via USA Today:

USA Today

The odds have now been bet down to 66-1, but Gronk will likely have one of his meathead buddies bet it back to its natural state.

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