Trust Me, You Should Let Rob Ryan Tell You About His Van

by 6 years ago

Below is what Ryan said, word for word. God, what brilliance.

“It’s outstanding. It’s only got 104,000 miles on it. It was my first Super Bowl and we needed a car, so I’m like, hey, let’s go get that new-used car out there and there she is, so … It’s been a good car for us. My wife drives all the Mercedes, fleet of Mercedes, this is my vehicle of choice and it gets me where I need to be. The inside right now is – it’s a very plush vehicle – unfortunately the children and have been in there and-or me. It’s got a few, uh, stains in there probably. It’s, uh, I don’t think, I think it’s pleather. It’s outstanding stuff. It’s real durable and it’s got a fold-out back and it’s got a couple of VCR-TVs in there, which, uh, don’t work.”

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