A Romanian Youth Soccer Coach Went F’in Nuts On One Of His Players, Is Looking For A New Job Today

As someone who grew up playing soccer, I know first-hand how violent the game can actually get while on the pitch, but it shouldn’t be so bad when a player makes his or her way to the sideline and onto the bench.

Unfortunately, a 16-year-old player named Codrin Tirisca, had to deal with a head coach who was more than off his fucking rocker.

CSMS Iasi coach Liviu Petrache was seen yelling at Tirisca as the kid sat on the end of the bench, then took things next level by violently kicking him multiple times—which, rightfully, cost the head coach his job, according to Romanian newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor, which first published the story.

Sports are supposed to be fun, especially when a kid, so screw this dude for forgetting that.

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