Did Rory McIlroy Celebrate His British Open Win By Drinking Jägermeister Out of the Claret Jug? Yep!


It’s no $40,000 bottle of wine, which is what Phil Mickelson celebrated with, but Rory McIlroy’s mom (yep, that’s her) seems more than content with swilling Jägermeister out of her son’s Claret Jug. “No fancy shit for us, thanks. I’ll take that brown sludge over there in the corner.” Now that’s a woman.

I can’t say for sure if Rory took a pull or two or thirty of that Jäger from the Jug — this is the only photo that has surfaced thus far — but you have to believe he did. You don’t disrespect the Jug like that. If you’re offered a drink out of that precious thing, you take it.

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