Early Gamesmanship? Rory McIlroy Favorited A Tweet Shitting On Rickie Fowler For Shaving ‘USA’ Into His Head


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Yesterday, the Internet was abuzz over Rickie Fowler shaving U.S.A. into the side of his head. Team U.S.A. captain Tom Watson even supported the move; he loved Fowler’s enthusiasm for wanting to play for his country. He also had no choice but to like it; there’s four days until the 2014 Ryder Cup officially starts and shitting on Fowler’s poor hair choices would have done the team no good.

Sizable golf twitter account, @GolfClubWankers, had no problem shitting on Fowler voicing its opinion of Fowler’s new cut on Twitter. It went as far as comparing Rickie’s “preparation” to that of Rory McIlroy.


This is a comment that would have been overlooked had Rory not gone and favorited it.



And OF COURSE I’m just posting this to start some shit and piss Americans off. I don’t care if we have a slight edge statistically (Brandel Chamblee can’t shut up about it), Europe hands us our asses way too often. We’ve lost five out of the last six Ryder Cups and we haven’t won on foreign soil since 1993. We need all the help and anger we can get.

In other Ryder Cup non-news: Victor Dubuisson is my spirit animal. Look at his facial-expressions while talking to the media.


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Staggering enthusiasm. And although he’s on Team Europe I can’t hate a guy who goes through life harboring similar zeal for talking to other people. Love Dubuisson. Hope to grab a beer — IN TOTAL SILENCE — with him some day.