UPDATE: Europe Wins the Ryder Cup

by 10 years ago

9:15: Tiger woods rolls in a putt to beat Francesco Molinari 4 & 3. He finishes this Ryder Cup 3-1-0.

9:20: I should note that NBCSports.com is livestreaming the action. On TV, it's airing on USA Network.

9:22: Ricky Fowler just missed a long eagle putt by a few inches. Molinari missed his much shorter putt by more. They halve the hole.

9:25: Zach Johnson just missed a very makeable putt for victory. Throws his club down in anger. Corey Pavin stops him, calms him down. Johnson's up 4 with 4 to play, though. Corey, go talk to Mahan, would you?

9:28: After a bad approach shot by McDowell, Mahan needed to put his second closer than he did. But the announcers seem to think he's in better position. This is a great opportunity to bring this with 1 hole.

9:31: Great chip shot by McDowell. Mahan isn't going to pick up a stroke on this one.

9:35: Fowler just picked up a hole. Down 2, with 2 to play. If he could pull out a half a point, that would relieve some of the pressure on Mahan, who would just need to tie as well.

9:40: Fowler has to sink his putt or else Molinari is going to two-putt and win their match.

9:42: Zach Johnson misses a 5-footer. Three up, 3 to play.

9:43: Fowler just made his putt but the f*cking picture froze! DAMN YOU USA! WTF?! Where's the replay?!

9:45: Phil Mickelson wins his match. Finally came alive today.

9:46: Fowler goes to the 18th, needing to win the hole to get a crucial half point. So huge. Hey USA, can we see the f*cking replay of his putt on 17?!

9:50: McDowell just chunked a chip from deep rough. Mahan is probably going to win this hole.

9:53: Molinari hits a bad lay up shot on 18. Lands in the rough. Fowler lays up too, but in the fairway.

9:54: Mahan hits his putt! 1 down, 3 to play!

9:57: Great shot for Fowler. About 15 feet north of the hole. Molinari hits his way left. 30 feet at least.

10:00: Molinari rolls it close. Will 2 put. Fowler must knock his in. Mahan had a bad drive on 16; McDowell a good one.

10:04: Incredible putt by FOWLER! Wow! He halves his match. Mahan just needs to halve his match.

10:08: Three and a half hours ago, Europe was up in 8 matches. Now things are tied 13.5-13.5. McDowell has a long putt to win the hole. Mahan still has a tough slider from about 8 feet. Mahan is 1 up, 3 holes to play.

10:10: McDowell makes his put. 2 up, 2 to play. Mahan must do what Fowler just did — win holes 17 and 18 to halve his match and pick up the half point. Tall order… Here goes…

10:14: There has to be 50,000 spectators surrounding the 17th hole. McDowell off to the right. Mahan leaves it short on tee shot. Mahan is going to need to sink this.

10:19: Terrible chip from Mahan. Barely makes it to the green. Europe is gonna win this. Fuck.

10:22: Mahan misses his putt and concedes McDowell's. Europe wins 14.5-13.5. Incredible comeback by the U.S. But not enough. We'll get it back at Medinah  in 2012.

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