Porn Star Sadie Santana Says She’ll ‘Blow The ENTIRE Lakers Team’ If They Get 47 Wins

by 4 years ago
sadie santana lakers blow tweet

Sadie Santana, Twitter

Porn star Sadie Santana said yesterday on Twitter that if the Lakers can manage to get 47 wins this season she will blow every player on the team.

While this is not a new thing when it comes to the world of porn star sports fans (things like this have been offered up in the past or variations of it) it is a pretty safe bet that Sadie Santana won’t have to be cashing in on this offer come 2015 considering that if you extrapolated the Lakers’ current record over an 82-game season they would be, let’s see, 0 and 82.

I’d share the actual tweet itself with you, but much like her entire Twitter account it is a bit graphic (use your imagination) so here’s a screencap for posterity should the Lakers somehow miraculously achieve their mark.

sadie santana lakers blow

Sadie Santana, Twitter

Good luck, boys.

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