Samuel L. Jackson Accused Donald Trump Of Cheating At Golf, Trump Responded The Only Way He Knows How

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Samuel L. Jackson is an avid golfer. Donald Trump is an avid golfer. Surely the two of them can play nice in the sand trap, no?

As it turns out, the answer is actually no, they can’t play nice.

In recent interview that Samuel L. Jackson gave to United Airlines’ “Rhapsody” magazine (first time anything in that publication has probably ever made national headlines), Jackson denied any rumors that he and Trump are friends and even went as far as saying Trump cheats at golf.

Per Golf Channel:

“I would never say buddies,” he said. “Or friends. I’ve golfed with him.”

Jackson also cleared up who is the better golfer, himself or The Donald, and in the process added some fuel to the fire that Trump isn’t averse to using the old foot wedge from time to time.

“Oh, I am for sure. I don’t cheat,” said Jackson, when asked who was the better stick.

There is one thing no golfer ever wants to be called and that is a cheater. Call us anything else imaginable — a prick, an asshole, a cunt fart, you name it — but never call us cheaters. Because once you’re labeled a cheater, it’s hard to wipe that dirt off. Just ask Vijay Singh.

If you expected Donald Trump to see that quote and remain silent then you, friend, don’t know shit about Donald Trump.

That’s some vintage Donny T. right there.

[H/T Golf Channel]

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