Former WWE Star Scott Hall Posted His Christmas Tree On Instagram While He Was Watching Porn In The Background

by 1 year ago


Shit happens! Sometimes you go to throw a pic of your tree on the ‘gram while you have someone getting railed on your TV right behind it. Whoopsie! Classic mistake. Sucks he deleted it and it also sucks that it’s a fake meme that’s been on the internet for years, but what the hell — funny as fuck. ScottHallNWO ‘grams lives on because it’s the Internet.

It’s kind of amazing we’re not all totally desensitized to this type of social media gaffe yet. Like I would have just scrolled right past this on Inta and been like ‘meh, nice tree buddy” without second glance at the hardcore poundtown sesh going on next to it.

And speaking of Scott Hall, the dude still hates the shit out of Bret the Hitman Hart. That makes 8th grade Brandon a very happy man:

“Going into that if I had have retired Savage I would have been red hot, I would have had some good steam going into that. I’m not a Bret Hart fan. To me Bret’s really selfish, if you watch, there’s points in that match where I’m hitting Bret with what’s regarded as a hell of a working punch, I’m hitting Bret and he’s not even moving, he’s not even registering it. It was what it was, he was the new champion and he needed a win, which he got.”

Next time, Razor Ramon. Long live the NWO.



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